12 August 2005
20 Generation Family Tree
Welcome to our family History of Paths Taken. Researching our family history has
been a fascinating and enlightening hobby. If I didn't know who I was before I started, I
definitely know now, and appreciate the trials and tribulations that my ancestors have
gone through history.

Growing up, I was so proud to have the last name Fitzpatrick, I WAS IRISH! German
was the last thing that I wanted flowing through my viens, after learning about the Nazi's
in school. As you will see in this site, I am 100% MUTT. Then there is the story my
mother loves to tell of when her Grandmother Pearl Etta (Clements) Poole chased her
father Clarence C. Moxley around the farm house with an axe yelling" Well, your
ancestors may have come over on the Mayflower, But mine were here to greet them".
Indeed, I have discovered there is truth to this story as you will see in the following
pages. There are still other family stories that we are trying to piece together. For
example, the relationship to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Helen Keller, Robert
Fulton, Wallace Eddinger(stage & silent screen actor) And Jackie Coogan (My
grandmother Fitzpatrick would say she couldn't stand him). Unfortunately, if I had only
asked questions while my Grandparents were alive, several of these missing piece would
be solved.

As our laws are getting more restrictive for researching our ancestors. There is a need to
record as much vital information as possible, for the future generations to come. For this
reason, my addiction to doing family research is my gift to my children and to others that
share the same beliefs and values as I do.

This is an on going project, so please come back and visit again. If you have connections
with any individual or surnames please feel free to contact me. I am not a certified
Genealogist. I have been able to document majority of my research from 1790 to the
present. But with any family research, please use this as a guide for your research. I
make no guarantees that this is 100% accurate.
Karen Fitzpatrick Hall
Descendants of Ludwig Kimberling